Stephanie's Kickarse Story

Behind her smile hidden in plain view is a traitorous road she travels daily in her mind's eye to overcome a battle within. Having survived a suicide attempt and battling chronic illness, she keeps moving forward through it all.

Stephanie's story is inspiring and heart-wrenching in tandem. Many of us face daily struggles to live imperfect lives and run into roadblocks during our navigation.

To be vulnerable is to be open. To be open is to be courageous. Highlighting our beautiful imperfections, the things in fact that make us beautiful Stephanie's story fits in tandem with the FS brand. As do all our Kickarse Woman stories.

We spent the day together on that beautiful summers days July 16th, 2018 preparing and filming for this short film in historic Kansas City, and I got to see another side to Stephanie. A kind-hearted generous and loving woman searching for peace, belonging and even spirituality. Not knowing that in fact, she indeed finds spirituality in the beauty of nature. 

We can all relate to these instances in some shape or form. We can all learn from each other while offering peace through a connection of empathy. None of us are perfect. 

My hope is that our talks illuminated this notion. There is much healing in spirituality.  Spirituality is unique to us all. We all find spirituality in different places. And that is okay. 

I am honored to say that I have my leather Stylish Aim Warrior bracelet worn proudly this summer in London, Paris and here in the United States. A generous gesture given to me by Stephanie along with a beautiful thoughtful card of gratitude for seeing, understanding and hearing her. We hope you do too. After all, we all just want to be seen, heard and understood. 

We hope you enjoy(ed) Stephanie's inspiring story on our YouTube Channel (FS Handbags | Uniquely Yours).

For more information about Stephanie and Cristie's unique handmade leather jewelry business Stylish Aim and to view that beautiful leather "Warrior" bracelet featured in our short film please visit her website on Etsy. 

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