Walking In Your Light

If a gladiator came back from the past and told us that we have to show up in the arena to advance in life to be the spectacle viewed by a crowd; jeered, booed and harassed, we would probably tell him where to jump.

Yet, this is exactly what we do each day in our lives irrespective of the ridicule or rejection that may come. Opening up, expressing ourselves, going for that promotion, starting a new business venture, taking a chance on something new and different; being Kickarse Woman walking in our light. But what is a Kickarse Woman?


"We embrace Vulnerability"

Vulnerability is an emotional state that leaves us feeling utterly exposed, but by the same token is the birthplace of everything good. Take a moment to think about it, and look back on certain achievements in your life. Finding love, having a courageous conversation with your spouse about sex, money, going back to school, or relationship work, speaking to a work colleague about their productivity, dealing with health issues, talking to a friend about a shaming incident or taking a chance on fashion. All these examples require vulnerability and are examples of walking in our own light.

Each involves a huge risk of rejection. No wonder it can be difficult to walk in our own light, but as Kickarse Women we find a way. This is the essence of being a Kickarse Woman, to be brave and beautiful embracing vulnerability, moving forward, taking control of our destiny and making things happen. 

Something magical happens when we take these steps. Walking in our light and not risking throwing up in our own mouths, let down by the notion that we betrayed who we are. Kickarse Women. Being afraid, but courageous enough to move forward authentic to who we are.


"Kickarse Woman live out of the box"

Blending into mainstream is safer. It is easier to fit in rather than stand in the light. Who wants to be put on display? Being in the light makes us a target. But wouldn't you rather be in the arena experiencing life so to speak; than reaching the end of the line reflecting on our deathbeds, with regret at not living life out of the box we put ourselves into through formulated stories and safer living? 

When I began making handbags everything had to be just right. Perfect. Each cut had to be precise. Each cut had to match up straight. Each flaw I shelved or donated to the rubbish pile. As I grew in frustration at my inability to cut pieces straight, a shift in my perspective came with a simple thought. "I can't cut these pieces straight, because I am not a machine in a factory cutting." In that moment I summoned the Kickarse Woman in me beginning a journey walking in my own light in business. Stepping out from the box of mainstream design, making my own rules, creating and designing my way irrespective of what any other designers are doing. I shed the shield of perfection and danced with vulnerability. I didn't go willingly, but I went, which is the essence of being a Kickarse Woman.


"We are not worried about what people think"

The fastest and easiest way to betray ourselves to be concerned about what people think. Having this fear will kill any chance of walking in our light. Do not be worried about walking in your light, because it shows our courage and willingness to make our own choices, reinforcing our self-confidence and self-assuredness.  

The nudge from the Universe in my gut prompting me to shelve perfection and design imperfect handbags with flaws and scars that represent our characters and our stories is steadily paying off. My gamble to walk in my own light as a Kickarse Woman leaves me empowered, making my own choices, contributing to society, and helping to inspire women along the way. Worth any risk being jeered, spat at, and battled in the arena.

What's stopping you from walking in your light? Whatever it may be, remember you are a Kickarse Woman capable of undertaking and being anything that you want.

Conquer the world Kickarse Woman! Brave and Beautiful you!


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