We've Grown Used To Cookie Cutter Designs

Have you grown tired of seeing the same designs? Currently in our world today, there are many talented designers that fall into the trap of creating like for like. So many designs mirror each other leaving customers with little options to express their true unique individuality, taste, and style.  

We've grown used to cookie-cutter due to design choices that offer little options at a loss to our own individual style. We see this everywhere in our world today. New home builds are another perfect example.

All FS Handbags are as unique as each one of us, with imperfections that add and showcase our character. Some of us are more adventurous, some of us are simple, some of us are more creative, some of us are edgier.

One thing you can be sure of is that each handbag design we offer is quality, authentic, recognizable and one of a kind, just like you.

In three easy steps, you can be the envy of women by celebrating your own unique style confident that no one else will have the handbag that tells your story.

It's easy!

1) Head to our brand new catalog!  

2) Pick out your handbag.  

3) Celebrate your life and tell your story. 

We've converted many women who never even owned a handbag until they set eyes on an FS handbag design that told their story. "I don't normally carry a bag, but I just had to have this one," Penny mentioned to me after purchasing a raw quality distressed leather crossbody, with edgy asymmetrical flaps and branded imperfection. (It's on our homepage!) "I get compliments all the time," Lisa, a returning customer told me after purchasing a tan ostrich crossbody with an exaggerated flap and combination leather pieces.

It takes great courage to step out from behind the wall and live our truth. Let's show just who we are. Beautiful unique imperfect souls.


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