The Designer

Pamela Williams is a native of London, England and immigrated to the United States on a soccer scholarship in August 2000. After earning a degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology she became a Social Worker, staying in the field for ten years. 
Early 2014 she felt a push to pursue her creative passion, first distributing shoes and bags, before realizing she could make her own designs. After graduating shoe college, she began to create one of a kind handbags incorporating the imperfection seen in leather to show the beauty in imperfection. The combination leather is inspired by her notion, "differences brought together are a good thing." The inspiration for Freedom Shoe--FS derives from her belief that "people want to be free to live, free of control, and free to express themselves in a way that accurately reflects who they are." 
The success of FS handbags maintains her path, but one day she says "I will return to shoemaking."
Her designs are truly one of a kind.